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Plastic Materials Replacing Metal Components

Converting metal components to high performance plastic is one of the many services offered by Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc. to all clients and OEM manufacturers. Plastic sheet can be confusing, as there is such a wide variety of materials to choose from.
The number and types of products made from plastic sheet can be clear, colored, textured, corrugated, laminated, embossed, etc.
Moreover, the resulting plastic sheet can be thermo-formed (under special conditions), which would allow it to be used for producing objects such as suitcases, combining thus design and impact resistance. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic sheet can be virtually anything you want it to be.


Replacing Metals With Plastics
Both solid and multiwall plastic sheet can be excellent candidates for roof domes, skylights, walkways, conservatories and other buildings where it is desirable to admit high levels of light while keeping excess heat to a minimum.
One of the preferred high performance plastic materials is a polysulfone, such as Udel P1700 distributed by Amoco Performance Products, which has a flexural modulus of approximately 360,000 p. This high performance plastic is offered to you in an extruded sheet or rod, or compression molded stock shape. This and many other high-performance plastics are extremely temperature-resistant and in addition have outstanding chemical resistance. Most performance plastics are now used in machining, and can be completed with high quality in a short period of time, which is increasingly important because mechanical plastics are becoming more prevalent than metal and other materials for machining parts.


Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet Materials
Polycarbonate sheet is extremely impact resistant, and this high-performance plastic is only half as dense as normal glass, but twice as strong.
Many mechanical plastics are manufactured to conform to the most stringent and demanding standards.