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3D Printed Hand Spinners Are Popular As Other Ones

There is a no doubt about a fact: the new fidget toys is a uprising trend for the world. This simple toy can degrade your stress — level when it’s necessary for the stressful times on moden life. Hand spinners have so many model versions. Two — winged, tri — winged, samurai model, ninja model, hard plastic or metal. Even so you want to make your own hand spinner toy. So how you gonna do that? Turkey’s most loved had spinner saler strescarki.biz answers! There is a mini — tip for you; “hand spinner” known as by Turkish People “Stres Çarkı” (Stress Wheel) Ok, let’s try to product a hand spinner!


What You Need?

First of all, you must have simple metal rollers. These rollers will be the chasis of your fidget toy — hand spinner, generally produced from a performance plastic material. Rollers are using at the mechanics so many times. These plastic parts generally are self lubricating, and can transfer energy from a point to the other one. First need: a quality engineering plastic for the rollers.

Self lubricated rollers make your part very fast! This is the best advice for the hand spinners. When you product it, don’t forget the get oil on it. Because rollers are produced from quality mechanical plastic parts and when produced from Acetal or Delrin AF, they can turn very fast than others.


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